Home Owners Association

Overview: Sachem’s Path Home Owners Association

When buyers purchase a home at Sachem’s Path, the will become a legal member of the Sachem’s Path Home Owners Association and must agree to abide by Association restrictions.

The Home Owners Association is the legal body established to ensure that the community is being governed in accordance with the Declaration of Covenants, the Comprehensive Permit and other local requirements.

Generally speaking, the Home Owners Association will be responsible for two primary functions:

  1. Administration of the Rules and Regulations; and
  2. Collection of Fees to Ensure that the “Common Elements” of the community are properly maintained.
Some basic questions:

Q: What is the difference between a Home Owners Association and a Condominium Association?

  1. In a condominium association, the Owner has exclusive rights to the interior space of the home they have purchased. All physical items outside of the interior space (roof, windows, exterior wall, lawn areas, fencing, etc) is considered a common element.In a Home Owners Association, each Owner has legal ownership of all elements of their home and their lot/land. For example, home owners enjoy much more freedom to use their land and building – as they are the owners. That said, the Owners are responsible for costs associated with maintaining their land and building where as condominium associations often share the cost of maintaining land and buildings. However, homeowners will still need to abide by the restrictions set forth in Association documents.

Q: What are common elements?

  1. Common Elements are those items/areas within the community that support the entire community – not one particular lot. At Sachem’s Path, examples of common elements include roads, underground utilities (including the sewer lift station), community mailboxes, community sidewalks, sidewalk lighting. Common elements also include expenses related to liability insurance, a bookkeeper/accountant for the association, and maintenance of the common elements within the community (snow plowing of roads, care and maintenance of roadway plants and grass, repairs to roads, compliance with endangered species obligations).

Q: What Are Association Fee’s:

  1. Association Fee’s are monthly payments made by each homeowner. The fee’s are paid to the Sachem’s Path Home Owners Association to be used for the administration of the Association and the care and maintenance of the common elements.

Q: How Are Association Fee’s Established?

  1. Association Fee’s are based upon the anticipated annual budget created by the Home Owners Association to ensure that they can perform their necessary duties. Each Owner has a specified “beneficial interest” in the community. Beneficial interest establishes the proportion of the total expenses to be paid by each Owner. Beneficial interest is generally determined by the size of each home. For Sachem’s Path, an Association budget has been created for Year 1 and based on this budget the monthly condominium fees have been established for each lot.

Schedule of Home Owners Association Fees

Q: Why is a Home Owners Association Important?

  1. There are many benefits to an association including the ability for owners to be active participants in the decisions that impact their neighborhood. In the broadest sense, one of the main objectives of a Home Owners Association is to protect the value of the investment made by each owner in purchasing a home. As Owners, the value and pride of ownership is a direct result of the ability of the homeowners to work together to ensure a safe, well maintained neighborhood. While each Owner has responsibility for their own home/land, the Association exists to ensure that common areas are maintained as well as to make sure that all Owner’s are aware of the community values and are being diligent in keeping their individual homes/land in accordance with the community values.