What happens after I submit the complete Lottery Application?

A complete Lottery Application includes the application form, required documentation and a pre-approval letter. HAC reviews this information to determine eligibility to participate in the lottery. If eligible, applicants will receive a lottery number through the mail prior to the date of the lottery. The number of applications received by HAC determines how long this process takes. Only eligible applicants will be entered into the Lottery.

What is a Disability Preference?

Applicants who meet the definition of disabled will receive a preference for the one accessible house to be built in Phase One. There will be a separate drawing for this house.

What is Local Preference?

Local Preference is defined as applicants who live or work on Nantucket or have children who attend Nantucket schools. Seventy percent of the homes may be set aside for applicants who have local preference. The first lottery drawing is for applicants eligible for Local Preference.

What happens if I do not have a Local Preference?

Non-local preference applicants are placed in an “Open Pool” category with Local Preference applicants who have not already won in the Local Preference drawing. This represents the second lottery drawing.

Eligible applicants are entered into all pools for which they qualify.

What is an Alternate?

All lottery numbers that belong in each pool will be drawn and they will be recorded in that order. Numbers chosen after the winning numbers have been drawn will be placed on an “Alternate’ list. Applicants on this list are notified in the event a potential buyer is unable to complete the purchase.

When was the lottery held?

HAC held the Phase 2 lottery on Thursday, December 15, 2016, in the cafeteria of Nantucket High School. The lottery determined the winners and alternates for the 22 homes being constructed as part of the second and final phase of Sachem’s Path.