After The Lottery

What happens after the lottery?

  1. All winners will sign a contract to purchase the property and provide a deposit to go with it.  Within 60 days of the completion of your home, you will need to obtain a loan commitment from your lender.
  2. All winners will continue to work closely with their lender, providing any updated documentation the lender may require until the day of the closing.
  3. All winners will stay vigilant with regard to their spending and credit.
  4. Buyer will need to secure homeowner insurance and pay the first year’s premium prior to closing.
  5. Buyers will be required to complete an approved Pre-Purchase Workshop prior to closing.

Sachem’s Path Lottery Winners

Should you be one of the lottery winners selected for a Sachem’s Path home, you will be asked to choose the home for the income level (80%, 100% or 150% AMI) for which you qualified. Click this link to view a summary sheet detailing the lots for the 22 homes HAC is building as part of Phase 2. You can view the unit plans for each home here. And the Phase 2 Site Plans with home types and easements can be found by clicking this link.