Of all the communities in Massachusetts, Nantucket may be the most endearing, retaining its island character which exudes a charm, history and a natural beauty unique to the region.

That is why Nantucket has become so popular as a vacation destination, bringing in scores of tourists throughout the year, many of whom eventually become island residents. Its character requires a workforce to provide the services necessary to sustain the local economy. These are the teachers, police officers, paramedics, waiters and waitresses, shopkeepers, construction workers and nurses who do the small and large things that provide the quality of life that makes Nantucket so special.

And some of these people are the ones who struggle with making ends meet and with being able to afford the high cost of living on Nantucket.

To address this segment of the population Housing Assistance Corporation (HAC) in cooperation with the Town of Nantucket, the Nantucket Housing Authority and Habitat for Humanity Nantucket is undertaking an affordable housing project on the island that started in 2014. Phase 1 (16 homes) is complete and Phase 2 (24 homes) is currently underway with house foundations laid and utility work started in March 2017.

A total of 40 single family homes – 37 by HAC and 3 by Habitat for Humanity Nantucket – are being built on 10 acres of land off Surfside Road, between Miacomet and South Shore roads. They are a mixture of one-, two- and three-bedrooms, with each featuring its own yard, a private driveway. All are designed to be energy efficient.

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